Mera Gao Power

MGP selected as a 2015 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award
and the National Geographic Terra Watt Prize Award Winner!

Mera Gao Power builds, owns, and operates micro grids in Uttar Pradesh, India serving off-grid villages with high quality, dependable lighting and mobile phone charging services. MGP’s unique model is able to provide service to a typical hamlet for less than $1,000, making its lowest cost design the first commercially viable micro grid targeted at the rural poor!


What’s Being Said

Microgrids Key to Bringing a Billion Out of the Dark: National Geographic Society's Chad Lipton discusses MGP and it's recent debt raise from ICCO Investments.

The Leadership Review documents MGP's Story: "MGP built its first commercial micro grid which was installed in Kaharanpurwa, Sitapur District, Uttar Pradesh; the micro grid was commissioned on December 20, 2011. MGP’s first customer and system host was Om Prakash, still one of MGP’s greatest advocates in the area. MGP entered 2012 with great optimism. With enough money to create the necessary track record to appeal to investors, a low cost technology, and an enormous market to serve (2% of the world’s population lives off-grid in Uttar Pradesh), the future looked bright."

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